TFO Weightlifting is comprised of weightlifters ranging from 8 years old and up. TFO Weightlifting is a competitive weightlifting program where athletes train to perfect their technique through basic advanced exercises (including weightlifting technique, plyometrics, strength-age depending) in order to peak for competitions they participate in through the CrossFit weightlifting program.

Athletes have the ability to compete locally at events around Florida. Once they are beyond the local level, the opportunity to attend national championship events is broken up into Youth Divisions, Junior Divisions, Open Divisions, and Masters Divisions (qualifying totals apply). Athletes are coached by U.S.A. Senior International Level Coach Ty and National Level Coach Hannah advanced USA Weightlifting instructors who design the CrossFit weight training programs and guide the athletes to success.

When you visit our gym, you will immediately feel the energy in the workout sessions. Whether you are training next to a beginner or an accomplished national or world level member, you will be accepted and guided to excellence in our CrossFit weightlifting program in Orlando.

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